Activate Motiv Ring

Updated 3 days ago ​by Loren Earle-Cruickshanks

To activate your Motiv Ring, you'll need a charger and a powered USB port. Any powered USB port will work, with the exception of some battery packs.  

Keep the ring on the charger until the activation process reaches 100%

Please turn on Wifi before trying to pair your Motiv Ring, if possible.  This will ensure that the process goes quickly and smoothly.

If you have trouble activating your Motiv Ring, the following steps should fix any issues you have:

Please try each of these steps separately, then give it a few minutes to work. If each step doesn’t work after a few minutes, try the next one.

  1. Put the ring on the charger
  2. Make sure you are connected via WiFi (cellular networks may be too slow)
  3. Make sure your bluetooth is on and working correctly
  4. With the app open, take the ring off the charger, then put it on again 
  5. Force quit and reopen the Motiv app while the Motiv Ring is on the charger
  6. Unpair the ring and re-pair it
  7. Reboot your phone
  8. If that fails, delete your Motiv app and reinstall the Motiv App here.

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