Active Minutes

Motiv measures the work you put in towards your cardiovascular fitness. We track Active Minutes through a combination of elevated heart rate and activity.  Any time you are moderately active for greater than 10 minutes, you start to accumulate active minutes. Taking a brisk walk, cruising around on a bike, and even dancing can qualify as moderately active.

When you are at 40% or above of your aerobic capacity, or taking 100 steps or more per minute – it counts as moderate activity.

Monitoring your heart rate day and night will help Motiv customize your Active Minutes to your fitness level.

To personalize your active minutes threshold to you, Motiv Ring measures your resting heart rate each night. For example, a 40-year-old with a resting heart rate of 65 bpm will have to get their heart rate above 111 bpms for 10 minutes or more to start earning active minutes.

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